Frequently Asked Questions

Am I really locked in?

No due to building and fire safety we provide an emergency escape for each room! So if you feel claustrophobic, or if there’s an emergency, you can get out of the room at any time.

Do I arrive early?

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled game time. There is no need to print your booking when you arrive at Cube Escape Rooms you will be given an orientation on how to use the locks and what to expect through out the escape room game

What do I have to bring with me?

You don’t have to bring anything with you, just your sense of adventure and you’re thinking power.

What if I need go to the toilet during the game?

You can leave the game at any time to use the bathroom we just can’t stop the clock.

Do I need to book a room in advance?

We highly recommend that you book all games in advance in order to get the time slot you desire. Walk-ins are welcome but please call before hand to avoid disappointment

Is the room’s wheelchair accessible?

Yes, but there is about a 5cm lip to get into our rooms
We do not recommend wheelchairs in “The Library”,
however, it is not impossible
Please note – There are no Wheelchair accessible toilets on site

Can I get a photo with my friends in the room?

You can’t take any photos inside the rooms, How there is a photo opportunity after you escape

Can other people Join our escape room?

No! don’t worry even if you booked for two people the room is only for your group

Where can I park?

We have on site parking at the back of the building.
Access to our carpark is via 14 Gordon Parade. You will have to
drive under the cube apartment building to find our car park
on the other side (Just head down the stairs, not suitable for wheelchairs)
There is also free street parking.

Can I use a companion card?

We accept companion cards only if there are two paying players

Can I add more people?

Yes you can do this on the day, no need to ring
Area 25 – Max of 8 players
The Library – Max of 8 players
Flight 427 – Max 12 players
You can only book the recommended 6 players online

My child is under the age of 7 can they come?

Yes, they can come, they will not be charged, however younger toddlers and babies will have to stay in a stroller

Can I get hints?

Yes you can have unlimited hints but if you want to get on our leader board the max hints are 2

I don’t know how many players will turn up?

Don’t worry, just pay the small deposit and we will work it out on the day

How will covid 19 effect my booking if we go into lockdown?

If this happens, we will be in complete lockdown, we will contact with you, and ask you if you would like a full refund or to postpone your room to a later date.