Area 25 – Zoned for Destruction

Recommended for ages 7 and over

Locked away in a Top security vault, the disgraced Sargent Wilston has deliberately engaged the device SOEAA to explode and you believe there’s no way to escape! But then you see a key, a clue or maybe even a piece of a puzzle and now you have a glimmer of hope, that you may Escape… You have 60 minutes to defuse the bomb .What will happen if you can’t crack the codes to escape? Bring your dreams into reality and race against the clock. SOEAA is about to explode can you defuse it to save the world in time?

Area 25 is perfect for ages 7 and over in family groups

Suitable for children’s birthdays ages 10 and over. Please note an adult will need to accompany children.


The Library – Deadly Silence

Recommended for ages 15 and over 

You know the librarian is up to something but what? What will you find in locked in his library?  You find yourself cut off from the outside, only to discover something more sinister. He’s due back in 60 minutes. Now your on a race to save your own life before your time runs out! What will you do to survive? Will you be his next victim?



Flight 427 – Forbidden Crash Zone

Recommended for ages 10 and over of 12+ for children’s birthdays. 

 Flight 427 is bound for a trip of a life time to Bali but is now going down and it’s up to you to find a way home.

Now crash-landed in an unknown jungle between Brisbane and Bali, amongst the greying fog and strange whispers, you are the only survivors. 

Discover thrilling puzzles, find clues and crack mysterious codes in time to send for help before it’s too late!

With only 60minutes to find the planes distress beacon’s before the battery runs flat, utilise the elements to help you retrieve it .Can you crack the codes and send for help in time or will you be the stranded in the jungle for eternity?

Flight 427 is perfect for ages 10 and over in a family group

Suitable for children’s birthdays 12 years and over. Please note an adult will need to accompany children.

Suitable for 2 to 10 players