Team up with your friends, family and co-workers, to crack codes, find secrets, discover clues and solve mysterious puzzles. Can you ESCAPE in time?
Great for parties, break-ups, corporate events, team Building, clubs and get togethers
We can cater for small and large groups up to 24 players at once!
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Cube Escape Rooms deliver a live form of action entertainment.

Your team are locked into a room, where you will need to crack codes, discover clues, solve mind-boggling mysteries and puzzles and race against the clock, can you Escape?

Team up with your friends, family or co-workers to test out your wits whilst experiencing a heart pumping, fun, team building and challenging adventure.

Your team will have 60 minutes to think, solve and Escape! Will you get out in time?

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Our Rooms


The Calypso Enterprise

After a distress signal from the spaceship Calypso, your team has been teleported to outer space on a rescue mission.

However when you arrive the crew has vanished, the ships self-destruct has been activated, you and your team will need to work together, to find a way back home before the ship plummets into outer space.

Warning: Space travel could be dangerous to your health, you will need to be prepared to battle the unknown, explore a hostile environment, and come together as a crew. 

Family friendly room 7+
Difficulty 3/5
2 to 6 Players
Note: an adult will need to present with children under the age of 14


The Library – Deadly Silence

You know the librarian is up to something but what? What will you find in locked in his library?  You find yourself cut off from the outside, only to discover something more sinister. He’s due back in 60 minutes. Now your on a race to save your own life before your time runs out! What will you do to survive? Will you be his next victim?

Adult only room recommended 14+
Difficulty 4.5/5
2 to 6 Players


Flight 427 – Forbidden Crash Zone

Flight 427 is bound for a trip of a life time to Bali, but the plane is going down!
Now crash-landed in an unknown jungle, amongst strange whispers and terrifying sounds, you are the only survivors and have to find a way home.

You have only 60 minutes to find the planes distress beacon before the battery dies, utilize the elements to help you retrieve it, crack the codes, discover thrilling puzzles and send for help in time or will you be stranded in the jungle for eternity?

Family friendly room 7+
Difficulty 3/5
2 to 10 Players
Note: an adult will need to present with children under the age of 14

Private events on weekdays

10 or more players
Perfect for large groups, cooperate events and parties
Call and book your next event up to 24 players.


Prices in AUD as follows


2 -3 players

$45 Each


4 players

$40 Each


5+ players

$35 Each

Customer reviews

Amazing staff. super fun and challenging escape rooms!! First time doing an escape room and Jack and Anglela were so helpful in clues and even a bit of extra time so we could get out!! Definitely going back for the second room!!

Serena Orford / Google

Completed the Library room yesterday, done another in Sydney but preferred this one as we had more interaction throughout the hour which made things fun if not petrifying. Great for a group or even a couple like we were as a date night with a difference. Highly recommended and wouldn’t hesitate going back, great staff, parking on site and they let us finish despite going over the hour!! Thanks cube escape rooms…perfect for a bit of fun.

Haley Cook / Google

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